Tuesday, 16 August 2016


1) As per G O ( P ) No. 109 / 2016 / FIN dated 29 / 7 / 2016 Disbursement of salary and allowances of employees on contract / daily wages etc ARE TO BE PROCESSED through SPARK. The module in SPARK is scheduled to be enabled in two days time. Hence all Head of the Departments are requested to forward the list of designations to be updated in SPARK of Contract / Daily wages etc employees to the mailid: info@spark.gov.induly signed by the Head of the Department. Ensure that the subject in the mail should be marked as " Adding Designation OF TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES "
2) As per GO(P) No. 76/2016/FIN dated 27/5/2016 digital certificate has been made mandatory for DDOs. Hence all DDOS are requested to ensure that the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is based on the name in Service records / SPARK. Any change in name based on the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) will not be accepted by SPARK PMU. Salary processing will be affected from 9/2016, if DSC is not available for DDOs.

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