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Thursday, 16 July 2015


Sri Pramod Murthy of TSNMHS Kundurukunnu  has sent us a program to conduct the IT Exam in Open office Calc / Libre office Calc ) which is evaluated by the computer itself..
 Download the IT_Spreadsheet.ods file to your Desktop Now open Calc By Application --->Office--> Open Office Calc/Libre office Calc .
Now follow the screen shots
(Go to Tools--> Options-->Security...>Macro Security--->Click on the radio Button Medium..>OK)

Then close the opened window. Now double Click on  the IT_Spreadsheet.ods file. Then you will get the message like this.

Click on the Enable Macros button then you can do the exam.
The Main sheet will appear as shown in the picture below

There are Nine Questions
You can select them by Clicking the named buttons.

This Program works only in Open Office Calc/Libre Office Calc . Does not Support Microsoft Excel.
Click Here to Download IT_Spreadsheet file.