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Monday, March 16, 2020


SSLC English All in One Study Materials -Prepared by Mahmud K Pukayoor
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Six Discourse items in Ten Minutes/video on a few discourse items by English Eduspot Blog
All the SSLC English textual poems are explained briefly but including all major points and main figures of speech.
Students can secure 9-10 scores learning five poems in the shortest possible time.
Five Poems in 25 Minutes/videos of All SSLC poems/ by English Eduspot Edu-Video YouTube Channel
Writing effecting effectively and presenting ideas skilfully in exams are as important as preparing for exam. What are the  main areas to be concentrated while preparing for SSLC English Exam, and how is the score distribution are discussed in this video.
പരീക്ഷയെ സമർത്ഥമായി നേരിടാം/how to tackle English exam effectively?/video by English Eduspot Blog
Reported speech is explained concisely but included all the main aspects.
Reported Speech/in Seven Minutes/ a concise video tutorial by English Eduspot Blog
The tag question is a sure question in high school English exams. It's important to have a thorough knowledge in the topic. This video will help students learn tag questions in the shortest time.
Tag Questions/in eight minutes/ a concise video tutorial of Tag Questions/by English Eduspot Blog
Conditional sentences' is a major grammar topic in English. In high school English exams questions are sure from this topic. Students can easily learn this topic if they follow this video tutorial
If-clauses/Conditionals in Five minutes/ a concise video tutorial/by English Eduspot Blog
In this video we discuss possible Discourses fron each textual lesson. This video will definitely help students who are preparing for their SSLC English Exam.
The important points to be noted from each SSLC English textual lesson. These points can be helpful for students to recall what they have already learnt. Students are supposed to learn thoroughly each lesson, and these video can be used as a reminder of each lesson.
In Close Type Tests, passages with some missing words are given. Learners have to fill in the word choosing appropriate words given brackets.
Editing Passages is a common question high school English exams. Various aspects of editing are explained with several examples.
How to form all types of questions is explained thoroughly in English and Malayalam with lots of examples. Common question words are introduced with example sentences for each. Exercises of framing various questions are included.