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Sri Faisal K ; HSST,  WOVHSS, Muttil, Wayanad is sharing with us the revision notes of Islamic History for Plus and Plus classes. These notes  would be useful  to the students and teachers as well during revision of the lessons. Sheni blog team extend our sincere gratitude to Faisal Sir for his sincere effort.
Higher Secondary Plus Two Islamic History Study Notes
Chapter-1: The Abbasid Khilafath The Cosmopolitan
Chapter-2: Muslim Khilafath in the Afro-Asian Continent
Chapter-3: Legacy of Islamic Spain
Chapter-4: Muslim World under ottomans
Chapter-5: The west asia under the shadow of European Imperialism
Chapter-6: Muslim world in the world order
Chapter-7: Muslim rule in India: State, Society and Culture 
Chapter-8: Freedom struggle and Indian Muslims
Chapter-9: Islamic Tradition in Kerala
Higher Secondary Plus One Islamic History Study Notes
2.Arabia-The Cradle of Islam
3.The Prophetic Period-Makkah
4.The Prophetic Period-Medina
5.The Khilafat
6.The Umayyeds
7.Advent of Islam in Kerala
** Notes of Plus one - Chapter 1 will be uploaded Soon

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