Wearing Name badge/Name board for identifying Government Employees on duty—Instructions issued.Circular No: 7318/A.R13(2)16/PRD dtd 18-07-2017..see downloads**Students not to be insisted to wear Shoes and Shoes during rainy Season DPI ltr dtd 20-07-2017..See downloads**Teachers Day - Competition for Teachers reg. Circular dtd 12-07-2017..See downloads**

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Sunday, 10 July 2016


2.Half Yearly:Dec.15-22
3.Annual:2017 March 1st & last weeks
4.SSLC IT Model:2017 Jan 15-30
5.SSLC IT Practical:2017 Feb 2nd week
6.SSLC Model:2017 Feb 6-10
7.SSLC:2017 Mar8-23

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