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Friday, 16 September 2016


Sri Sudheer Kumar T.K Headmaster KCALP School Eramangalam , Kozhikode has shared with our blog a software named Noon Feeding Planner 1.8  which can be used for calculating the number of students fed, Total contingency charges due and to calculate the unspent portion of contingencies. You can plan the items of menu for the succeeding days after ascertaining the unspent portion.This software is updated as per order No:2911/16 Gen.Edn dtd 05-09-2016. This software runs only in windows operating system and excel 2007 or above this version is necessary in the computer to get the correct result.
Sheni school blog team is thankful to Sri Sudheer kumar Sir for sharing this software.Hope his contribution in future too.
Click here download   Noon Feeding Planner - Version 1.8

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