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Sunday, 25 September 2016


Jisha K HSA (English) GHSS Kattilangadi, Tanur, Malappuram has prepared some learning materials for Unit 3 Std 9 English that will definitely be useful to students.Sheni School blog Team extend thier sincere gratitude to Jisha Teacher for sharing these valuable materials with us.
1. The Dharmagiri villagers were highly opposed to the construction of a star hotel. They conduct rallies and protest march as a part of the popular unrest. Prepare a newspaper report.
Click Here to view the  News Paper Report
2. The students of Narayan decides to  submit a petition to the Child right commission about the impending danger their village faces.Draft the petition.
Click Here to See the petition
3. Narayan,the school Headmaster circulates a notice about an urgent meeting on Dharmagiri crisis. Draft the same.
Click Here to See the Notice
4.The Dharmagiri panchayat calls an urgent meeting to discuss the need of the hour.The villagers have turned up with much anxiety. Prepare the chief speaker's speech.
Click here to See the  chief speaker's speech.
5.You are one of the students of Narayan.After hearing the shocking news of building a star hotel in Dharmagiri  you are too much upset. Write down your thoughts.
Click here to see the sample
6.The students of Narayan decided to conduct an event of human chain in the slope of Dharmagiri.Prepare an announcement asking the villagers to participate in it and make it a huge success.
Click Here to See the announcement

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